Flexibility Not Required (FNR)


The FNR Series is a fun and accessible way for you to get into Yoga, without having to worry or be intimidated about not being flexible or strong enough to start your own practice. Emphasis is placed on laying the foundations for a safe and lifelong practice through proper alignment, action points and the generous use of props in order to manage specific issues such as tightness, injuries and other medical conditions.

Class sequencing is built around the sun salutations and is geared towards building internal heat to warm up your body and gradually and intelligently opening your body up in order to make more challenging poses easier to understand and more accessible, building a lot of cardiovascular endurance, strength and increasing your range of motion.

The FNR Series is also a great class for more experienced practitioners who want to refine their own practices and gain a deeper appreciation of the foundation poses.

The FNR Classes are offered daily at the Ashram. Click here for Schedules